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topi akter
Jun 11, 2022
In Wellness Forum
The author of this article starts from user portraits, combines category email list user stratification and community operation, and discusses: "How to build a developer community operation strategy from 0?" With the rapid development of technologies such as Mar-tech, ToB marketing has undergone earth-shaking changes compared to the past. category email list Compared with the short-term and fast direct BD method, Establishing a long-term relationship marketing plan category email list and extending the customer relationship life cycle has become an executable, sustainable and relatively low-cost marketing strategy. At the same time, due to the lengthening of the customer relationship life cycle, it also begins to require corresponding value to be provided to category email list different user groups in the marketing process. As an indispensable and important category email list group of Internet companies, developers have always been the focus of ToB manufacturers (such as PaaS and IaaS). So today, let's talk about what we should do if we operate the developer community as a product (part of the content will take cloud native as an example). A portrait of the developer Most category email list of the enterprise users who use related.
Strategy From Scratch Category Email List content media
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topi akter

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